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The Foodie Blogroll network:

The Foodie Blogroll is a growing community of 16930 food blogs.

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The Foodie Blogroll is committed to helping companies operating in the food and related markets, gain traction in the online community.

Our goal is to keep bloggers inspired to keep blogging about food, and in return, try to supply them with interesting, new and quality products, and other related items to sample and blog about. Giveaways are a great way to promote your products and create brand engagement on the blogosphere via our network of bloggers.


Brand Engagement & Outreach Programs:

During the past 3 years, through the Foodie Blogroll, we have worked with many food related companies and have experienced dozens of very successful promotional campaigns based on Contests and Giveaways. Amongst the many companies we have worked with you can find Emile Henry, POM Wonderful, The Ginger People, Cedar's Mediterranean Foods, FromTheFarm.com, Star Olive Oil, D'Italia, Italian Food Market, Regional Best and more.

We would like to help you gain more recognition about your products and brand, and we welcome the opportunities to talk to you about interesting ways we can help you engage the online community and improve your sales. We are very aware that smaller companies don't usually have big budgets to devote to these promotions, but we believe we can work within your needs to effectively improve recognition and sales- without breaking your marketing budget!

Our influence outreach programs are designed to engage our publishers and their audiences with your product through giveaways and contests.

You can enroll publishers to write about your product and spread the word about your brand over a highly influential demographic.


Sponsoring a Giveaway:

To see our past promotions and contests, check out our Foodie Blogroll Contests and Giveaways page.

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