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You spend a lot of time creating great content and should be paid for your hard work!

The Foodie Blogroll Ad Network will help you to:

Earn Revenue

Earn Revenue with Foodie Blogroll

You display quality brand ads on your blog, through our network and earn a share of the revenue.

Drive Traffic

Earn Revenue with Foodie Blogroll

Build awareness for your blog by participating in interactive marketing programs distributed across our network.

Increase Engagement

Earn Revenue with Foodie Blogroll

Encourage audience interaction with innovative social media features.

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Key Features:

Earn with Banner ADs

  • 99.95% Fill Rate
  • 50/50 Revenue Sharing
  • Exclusive and non-exclusive relationships
  • CPM based advertising campaigns
  • Monetize both US and non-US international impressions
  • Publisher Portal with access to Earning and Performance Reporting

Earn with your Social Media Influence

  • Become a paid social media influencer
  • Get paid to create Sponsored Posts
  • Get paid to spread the word on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Monetize your recipes with our partner programs
  • Earn extra with our affiliate programs

The Foodie Blogroll Ads Network mission is to maximize your blog revenue potential. We provide publishers an advertising solution without the need for a third party ad server. Our editorial team reviews each publisher application to ensure that each site is appropriate for our network, so you are in good company. Once accepted, publishers in our network enjoy all the benefits of working with premium brands and national advertisers.

Blog Requirements:

  • Be at least 2 months old
  • 75% food related
  • Public
  • Updated twice a month
  • Open to reader comments
  • Free of adult content
  • Hosted by a service that supports ads
  • Free of profanity
  • Able to put ads above the fold
  • Receive at least 2500 page views per month ***

*** Traffic Requirement: As measured by the Foodie Blogroll Widget.

Feedback from current Publishers:

Courtney Courtney from Coco Cooks says: "I joined the Foodie Blog roll Publisher program for a few reasons. Namely I believe in their passion and commitment.  But also after working with a few  ad networks. I loved the flexibilty of options ( exclusive or non) and the fact that you can participate on your terms in a sense rather theirs.No hard sell or extra networking required of you , if that's your choice. The ads are quality and ones I don't feel contradict what I believe in regarding my  approach to food and consumer goods."
Elle Elle from Elle's New England Kitchen says: "I'm thrilled to have gotten in on The Foodie Blogroll Publisher Program so I can be a part of it as it grows! Jenn (the founder) has been a blogger herself for years, so she knows what we want and expect in an ad network. I know she and her team truly care about the bloggers in the program. With very competitive rates and no crazy restrictions, you can't lose. Above all, I know I'm working with people I know and respect."

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