Publishers Update for June 2011

Jun, 11 2011

Publishers Update for June 2011

First off, a big thanks to all our Foodie Blogroll Publishers!
May was our greatest month yet - thanks to you and our other publishers, we served 14 million ads! June is looking to be even better, with a projected 16 million impressions - more revenue for everyone :)

Monthly Updates:
Our Publisher program has grown into a serious competitor to other food-focused ad networks. Media and food companies have really taken notice of our program and our publishers - there are several new initiatives currently developing, including additional ways to monetize your blog (keep an eye out for an email about this soon), besides just banner ads.

Starting this month, we are going to send our publishers a monthly update outlining upcoming campaigns, promotions and also announcing new features. Speaking of which...

New Features:
The earnings reports have been updated - the new version shows you a detailed break-down of your impressions, eCPM and earnings by campaign and geo-location (US and non-US). The earnings amounts are updated on a daily basis (Monday to Friday). We are also working on a new "export-to-csv" feature to allow you to download a CSV file showing a break-down of impressions/earnings by campaign/ad size/day and country. Earning reports now indicate if the amounts shown are estimated or reconciled:

  • "estimated" earnings are rough calculations based on non-finalized data (the best we can do during any given month) as it usually takes 30-40 days for us to get finalized amounts from our various campaign sources.
  • "reconciled" earnings - once we receive the final count of billable impressions delivered for each campaign and ad unit, we cross reference the data to calculate the final earnings - you will see finalized amounts marked as "reconciled". These final amounts are what we then use to set up your payments.

We feel these new reports allow for the greatest level of transparency in regard to your earnings/impressions and blog performance. Whereas other ad networks make you wait till the end of the month to let you see a rough estimate of your earnings, we prefer you have a way to assess your blog performance right away - in many cases, they also do not provide details on which campaigns were served through your blog and what the CPM was for each. As we are all about revenue sharing and empowering our publishers, we decided early on to structure our system to allow for this level of transparency.

Earnings and Estimates:
If your blog received many non-US impressions, you may have noticed that the finalized amounts showing in the reconciled reports are a bit lower than the earlier estimates - this was due to the rough estimates showing in the old reporting system.

Earnings for February and March were mostly based on back-fill campaigns, due to the program being new at the time - for those 2 months, we decided to give our publishers a larger share of the revenue (82% as opposed to 55%) for back-fill impressions.

Going forward, generally, the estimates you see during any given month should not differ too greatly from the finalized amounts. We apologize for the confusion this may have caused.

Payments Schedule:
For now, payments will be going out during the first 7 days of the month on a NET-60 basis. For example, payments for March went out during the first week of June. We are hoping to set up the system so that payments would go out on the 1st day of the month in which they are due, but sometimes we might have to delay a day or two if the 1st happens to be a week-end or a holiday, etc.

New Campaings:
This month we have added new premium campaigns, including Best Buy and Four Seasons Hotels.

Please, don't hesitate to give us your feedback on the program - feature requests, wish-lists, etc. Get in touch at



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