Publishers Update for February 2012

Feb, 23 2012

Hope everyone is easing into 2012! We wanted to send you an update to let you know what is new with The Foodie Blogroll and as always, ask for your feedback as we ramp up for some exciting changes in 2012!  

Premium Campaign: Land O’ Lakes

We have just started running a large campaign for Land O'Lakes.  

Growing Organically

We started this Publisher Program because this community asked us to, over and over again! We have been at this for about a year now and we are really proud of how far we have come in such a short period of time as compared to our direct competitors out there who operate with much larger teams and millions of dollars from external investors.

We are a different sort of company – small, grassroots and growing organically. Being different has its advantages and disadvantages: we are able to respond to your feedback quickly and your input influences the direction we take as a company, so we literally grow together; since we have very little overhead, we are able to share larger amounts of revenue with you, instead of the low standard rates usually available out there; we offer revenue share, giving you more of the profits – and we plan on increasing your share as we grow, up to 90% on remnant.

Market Trends for 2012 – Social Media Focus

We have been watching market trends and the news is that a larger portion of advertisers’ budgets is being directed more and more toward social media engagement campaigns running on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others.

Other more traditional ad networks have just now started to look into the social media space this year. Lucky for us, we have been in the business of doing exactly that for the past 5 years so we are well positioned already! In these first few weeks of 2012 we have been forging strong relationships with some of the largest PR firms operating in the Food vertical with the goal of bringing more and more brands to FBR interested in running social media campaigns with our Publishers. 

Announcing a New Partnership with SocialChorus

We are happy to announce a partnership with SocialChorus, which will bring our members large scale social media revenue generating opportunities.  They work with Fortune 500 companies looking to engage social media influencers to spread the word about brands and products. Payouts are significant and based on your reach. To that end, in the coming weeks we will be asking you to provide us with additional details on your social media influence, in order to make it easier to include you in upcoming social media engagement campaigns.

Market Trends for 2012 – Premium Campaigns

We have worked with several large brands during the past year, such as Dannon, TGI Friday’s, Best Buy and currently Land O’Lakes, so we are very confident in our ability to sell more and more premium ad campaigns.

Daily Earning Reports Estimates – Up and Running

We are happy to announce that since January, our daily earnings estimates have been up and running and available to our publishers. You may still experience a few days of delay for new campaign revenue amounts to show properly, but for the most part the reports are updated nightly automatically by the system and can be relied on in terms of traffic numbers. As always, the actual earnings have to wait until we receive all partner data in order to be fully reconciliated.

Continued Growth

Since our last publisher update in December, 300 more publishers have joined our program! We now reach 7 million US users and almost 12 million globally serving over 60 million monthly impressions.



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