Featured Blogs for February 8, 2013

Feb, 07 2013

Featured Blogs for February 8, 2013

Featured Blogs is a weekly Friday post featuring favorite blogs from The Foodie Blogroll! We do this so we can share in the rich diversity of what The Foodie Blogroll has to offer by featuring some of our favorites and yours! The only requirement to be featured here on FFF is to be a member of The Foodie Blogroll and be displaying The Foodie Blogroll widget on your blog.  

Here are this week's Feature Blogs:


A home cooking blog from Mona and Daniel in New York City. A gathering of food, drinks, and everything in between.

Fit 'n' Well Mommy
A healthy living blog to share adventures of being a new mom, staying fit, and making healthy meals for my family, to inspire women become a Fit 'n' Well Mommy, too!

Cinnamon Freud
...And how does that cookie make you feel? I'm a psychology grad student and self taught cook who loves food, cooking, and baking. Here you can follow my trials and therapy in the kitchen. Have Pavlov ring a bell and bring out the meat powder. Conquer yo

Good morning, good afternoon, or goodnight. Welcome to AsheleyEats, come on in take your coat off, stay awhile. Indulge into the fabulous world of eating healthy and the goodness that comes along with it. Eating healthy and fresh doesn’t necessarily equal

A Seasoned Greeting
A Seasoned Greeting focuses on practical meals that never lack flavor or creativity. Always open to trying new flavor combinations, I like to take lengthy recipes and simplify them for the working-girl lifestyle cooking for a spouse.


That’s it for this week! I hope you enjoyed this week’s Featured Blogs. Remember, if you would like to see a blog featured here, who is part of the Foodie Blogroll please visit the forum and nominate them. We need nominations!

We all have our favorite blogs that we read everyday, and we would love to know about them. We have a very diverse food community, and we would love to see more of the blogs you love featured. If you think there is a food blogger out there that deserves a little recognition for their culinary skills, or what they are doing to help the world through the lens of food, please tell us about them!

We all love to know how people came to find our blogs, so please visit all of our featured bloggers today and don’t forget to tell them that you found them via Finest Foodies Friday! They would love to have your feedback.



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