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True adventures of a Piscean - for the love of animals, food, music and complicated feelings .. A malaysian living in london writing about cooking, recipes, restaurants, travels around the world, animals - dogs and day to day life

Country: United Kingdom

Author: Project365

Added: Feb 15, 2013

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365 Days of Slow Cooking

I cooked 365 different slow cooker recipes in my slow cooker over the course of one year. Now that I am finished with my little project I continue to add a new slow cooker recipe weekly.

Country: United States

Author: karen_petersen_29

Added: Mar 18, 2010

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Simple and delicious recipes in telugu ..

Country: India

Author: shadruchulu-english

Added: May 21, 2010

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A Busy Mom's Slow Cooker Adventures

Each week, I post 2-4 Slow Cooker recipes with step by step directions and pictures that any busy mom or dad can handle!


Author: ABusyCrockPotMom

Added: Aug 20, 2011

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A Duck's Oven

I am a 20-something graduate of the University of Oregon currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. I first started this blog as a college student hoping to encourage other students to branch outside of pizza and boxed mac and cheese. While some things


Author: aducksoven

Added: Mar 23, 2014

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A few of my favorite things

The blog mainly focuses on Indian cooking. I am a working mom and my passion is cooking. So you will find simple easy to make recipes here


Author: shanshweta

Added: Jun 07, 2012

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a flavor journal.

generating a little kitchen love by exploring popular recipes, learning kitchen basics, creating new twists on classic favorites, and journaling the entire experience.


Author: aflavorjournal

Added: Apr 16, 2015

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a foodgasm

An eclectic collection of fabulous recipes guaranteed to make your mouth water. Homestyle to gourmet, you will find something here to satisfy whatever you're craving.

Country: United States

Author: Mare3369

Added: Sep 01, 2010

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A Hungry Teacher

My blog was started in 2011 as a fun way for me to write about my joy of cooking and eating. I blog once a week and feature both homemade and sourced recipes. I also blog frequently about new restaurants I have tried. I stick to a "teacher theme" with bot


Author: gglazier29

Added: Jun 08, 2013

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A Little Nosh

I like to test recipes on my family, focusing on ones that don't take a lot of time or effort, but still retain "from scratch" appeal.


Author: amyradish

Added: Aug 05, 2011

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a peep in my pot

Sandii cooks. Yeah, that's me. Just a simple blog with simple recipe for simple dishes!

Country: Malaysia

Author: sandii85

Added: Jan 13, 2011

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a piece of cake

This blog is for all those in need of a simple and tasty recipe, whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or even just a snack. Many of these recipes are inspired by my cookbooks (see below) as well as my family and friends. The best part—all of the

Country: United States

Author: mbarlow

Added: Aug 12, 2010

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A Seasoned Greeting

A Seasoned Greeting focuses on practical meals that never lack flavor or creativity. Always open to trying new flavor combinations, I like to take lengthy recipes and simplify them for the working-girl lifestyle cooking for a spouse.


Author: ASeasonedGreeting

Added: Dec 07, 2012

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A Spoonful of Sugar

Your one stop blog for recipes, entertaining ideas, cocktails, freezer meals and crockpottery. We also will also show you how to save money at the store by making good use of sales, make the table pretty for a party and make dinner in under 20 minutes. W

Country: United States

Author: Arwen68

Added: Dec 15, 2009

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A Taste Of Madness

A blog about food, desserts, and a whole lot of sugar!


Author: atasteofmadness

Added: Nov 12, 2014

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A Taste of the Blogosphere

One Mom's Attempt To Spice Up the Family Meals...One Blog Recipe at a Time: Join me as I review recipes inspired by fellow food bloggers. I showcase my own recipes on "Real World Wednesdays".

Country: United States

Author: drealucwatje

Added: Feb 04, 2010

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A Touch of RoJo

A husband and wife team making 'las delicias' of marriage in our tiny kitchen in Bogotá.


Author: atouchofrojo

Added: Feb 17, 2011

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A Yummy Green World

A simple blog with Vegetarian recipes from the world over!


Author: divyapathakupadhyay

Added: Dec 29, 2013

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Adventures in the Kitchen

Recipe blog celebrating life around the table and focusing on food, faith and family.

Country: United States

Author: adventuresinthekitchen

Added: Apr 29, 2008

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Unpretentious recipes from a foodie with love

Country: South Africa

Author: afoodieliveshere

Added: Jun 24, 2010

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All She Cooks

Recipe and food loving blog, At Home Take 2's new domain and home.


Author: athometake2

Added: Dec 10, 2014

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All These Recipes

A west coast girl with a passion for food. Tasty morsels and healthy eats abound!


Author: AllTheseRecipes

Added: Apr 26, 2014

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Allergy Safe Recipies

Easy and healthy recipies for those with multiple food allergies


Author: yk13usherwood

Added: Sep 20, 2014

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I try new recipes and tell everyone my opinion. I am a self-taught cake maker who loves food. Currently I am blogging my way through a cook book.

Country: United States

Author: amandacakes

Added: Jul 28, 2010

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Amateur Noms

While my blog isn't as fancy-shmancy as some of the others out there, I do offer something I feel is better. Honesty. I'm just your average ordinary person--I'm not a professional. I'm just someone who happens to enjoy cooking and baking and also happens


Author: kittygoespewpew

Added: Jul 12, 2011

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